Corporate Trainers Teach Campus Student Certification Classes

corporate-trainingA hugely popular and in-demand major right now is human resources management. More and more students are going into white-collar jobs where they have team leaders, department heads, and multiple supervisors analyzing their work at every step of the way. These jobs often lead to higher lifetime salaries than blue-collar jobs, but they also come with their own set of problems that need to be dealt with.

The question always is and always has been, who in the company should deal with the dispute between two different parties? Well, in most companies, matters of that sort would be handed over to the human resources department.

Train the Trainer Classes Benefit Human Resources

In human resources, we learn how to manage human capital. We aren’t just looking at blocks of data or bushels of wheat; we are dealing with living, breathing humans, and, of course, not all humans get along.

Human resources departments works with people to optimize their cooperation around an office environment and make sure the staff is getting along.

Recently a group of train the trainer professionals came onto campus to talk with human resources majors about what to expect in the field.

Outlining all of the different variables at play in the modern business, the trainers talked about their experiences working in corporate America and what they see as the biggest need in America’s major corporations.

They told the students that interpersonal skills are absolutely essential in human resources, and if you aren’t good at communicating with people, then it might not be the best major for you.

This makes sense because human resources people are oftentimes talking to people all day long. Between mediating disputes between coworkers or making new hires, the human resources department is a very “hands on” job when it comes to human interaction. And you won’t be talking to most of these people over the phone, making it that much more important to be great at interpersonal communication.

Certification Class Available

Another topic of their talk dealt with what they called a certified train the trainer. This is something that is awarded by the train the trainer national organization by various chapters and independent agencies throughout the country.

What it is is a training class that human resource specialists can take to then train other people in their department for how to be a good company facilitator or how to run a meeting in a hostile environment.

To be certified you don’t need to have a degree, and they said that getting your training certification is oftentimes a huge bonus for people looking for jobs after college.

Not only does it demonstrate to your company that you are a determined and motivated individual, but you already have the training necessary for the job.

Getting you certificate before college will give you a huge leg up on your competition.

Next Class Available

If you weren’t able to be at the talk this week by the trainers, they will have another one next week, along with a certification class.

You can sign up on their website or in the Stevenson Center.